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Confidentiality Policy

Başyapıt A.Ş. requests (may request) some of your personal data (name, e-mail, etc.) from you, in order to be able to provide better service to its customers.

The relevant data, which are collected in Başyapıt A.Ş. servers, are used exclusively within the body of Başyapıt A.Ş., in seasonal campaign efforts, in the design of special promotion activities addressed towards customer profiles, and in customer “classification” efforts addressed towards the non-transmission of unwanted e-mails.

Başyapıt A.Ş. by no means shares the data it collects from membership or communication forms with third parties without the knowledge or contrary instruction of the relevant member, it by no means uses it for any non-activity related commercial purpose, and it by no means sells the same.

In addition to e-mail addresses, and the personal data it requests in membership/communication forms, Başyapıt A.Ş. also analyses and interprets the visitor movements and preferences it monitores during website usage.

These statistical data, which are free of any personal data, may be shared with Başyapıt A.Ş. business associates, in order to enable Başyapıt A.Ş. to provide its customers a more special and effective experience.

Customer data may only be disclosed to public authorities, when it is mandatory to make such disclosures to public authorities upon the latter’s duly made demand, pursuant to the applicable mandatory legislation provisions.

It is impossible for any other party to reach or modify the relevant data.

If anytime you want to leave our daily e-mail list, you may easily leave your e-bulletin membership through a single click, by clicking “Please click to leave our e-bulletin list” link in the lower part of the e-mails we send.

For all your questions, you may contact us via bilgi@basyapit.com


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