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Başyapıt A.Ş. founding members, brothers Mr. Nihat İzsiz, Mr. Yusuf İzsiz and Mr. Muhammet İzsiz took their first steps towards business life, with their late father İbrahim İzsiz, a mason, as they shaped their plans towards the future by experiencing different lines of work of the construction industry.

İzsiz Family, who have been residing in İstanbul since the year 1993, started to engage in construction, real estate management, transportation and decoration in the Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt areas, in the year 1999, after working in different industries.

İzsiz brothers opened their first office in Beylikdüzü, and developed a customer-oriented approach by carrying the experience they gained in the service sector with them, to the construction industry.

Başyapıt A.Ş. has prioritized 100% customer satisfaction, since the day it was established, and, by courtesy of the success they achieved in a short period of time, they got rid of the problem of trust, one of the most important challenges to overcome; it also succeeded in making a difference in the industry, thanks to the trust relationship it built with its clients.

Başyapıt A.Ş. increased the number of its offices in İstanbul through its qualified manpower, and made homeowners of thousands of families until the year 2007, surpassing the Turkish average in the real estate industry.

Başyapıt A.Ş. answers the needs of its customers through the projects it has produced and accomplished since the year 2008, and it strengthened its place among the leading enterprises of the industry, by putting into practice its sound, comfortable, and innovative housing projects, through the investments it made in the construction industry.

Nowadays, Başyapıt A.Ş. is a company, with proven success in terms of consumer trust, with its timely delivered flats, and in average, it produces 1000 houses per year. The company also offers affordable payment plans, with interest-free payment conditions and late charge-free installation options it has developed within its body.

Başyapıt A.Ş. products innovative housing and commercial area projects conform to international standards, and capable to answer every need, which have high investment value, and it continues to produce new projects and contribute to national economy through its environment friendly, reliable service approach, and its professional team.


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